If you purchased a newly built home, your builder likely offered a warranty for the first year you’ll live in the home. Use this warranty to help protect your investment. Order an inspection to assess the property after you’ve been there through the seasons. An 11th-month warranty inspection will identify detects in time for you to file a claim.

Seasons Affect Your Home

Although the house was inspected after being built, things may have changed since you moved in. The materials used to build your home might shift and change as they experience the temperature differences of the seasons. For example, hot and freezing weather will cause wooden materials to expand and contract.

Problems that were not present at the initial inspection may appear over the first year. The garage door may shift off the track. Nails might pop out of drywall. Standing water could be an issue in your basement or crawl space. Order an inspection to get a complete picture of the condition of your home.

11th-Month Warranty Inspection Compared to City Inspections

Even if your home was inspected by municipal inspectors when it was under construction, you should still take advantage of the builder’s warranty. City or county inspectors don’t have time to inspect a home the way a third-party inspector would, nor is it their job to do so. Municipal inspectors are only checking that the building meets minimum code requirements.

Your home inspector will go through the house carefully to uncover any construction issues or defective materials. A third-party home inspector will perform a thorough examination of the entire property, from the roofing to the foundation. You’ll receive a report detailing any problems or safety concerns.

A Builder Can Make Mistakes

When building a new home, you probably researched builders and selected a reputable one. However, the very nature of a new home build creates a situation where mistakes may be missed.

Most builders sub a lot of the construction out to third-party contractors. Some of those contractors subcontract out to other construction companies. This means several different contractors are building the various systems in your home at the same time.

Even though your builder does his or her best to keep an eye on the process, it’s easy for mistakes to be made and overlooked when there are so many people working on a build.

Problems that are Found During 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

Here are a few common issues that often happen with new builds during the first year.

  • Lumber shrinkage: The center beam that helps support the floor joist often needs to be raised. This is due to lumber changes that occur after being exposed to the first hot summer.
  • Moisture problems: You may notice condensation between the window panes or there might be water in a basement or crawl space.
  • Grading and drainage issues: Even if your builder did the grading on your property expertly, some settling may occur during the first year.

Take the time to schedule an 11th-month warranty inspection. Your builder will be responsible for making repairs and you’ll be helping to protect your investment.

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