The front porch gives visitors their first impression of your house. It also serves as a place to relax, dine outside, and entertain friends. There are small touches you can add to your front porch to make it more welcoming and attractive. Here are 5 ways to upgrade your front porch.

New Lights to Upgrade Your Front Porch

The light fixture on your front porch sets the tone at night. A bright floodlight isn’t the best choice for a front porch because it’s too harsh. Choose a nice dimmable pendant light or an outdoor light fixture for one or both sides of the front door. Consider the style of your home when choosing a porch light. Supplement your porch light with solar string lights or lanterns for a cozy ambiance.

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug defines the front porch space and makes it feel like a room. You can find outdoor rugs of all colors and designs that are made from plastics and recycled materials. These rugs are waterproof and won’t harbor mildew. An easy way to upgrade your front porch is to add an outdoor rug.

Use Spray Paint to Upgrade Your Front Porch Furniture

Outdoor furniture is often constructed of powder-coated steel or metal. Over time, the finish may fade or chip off of the furniture. An inexpensive and quick way to revamp metal outdoor furniture is to cover it with a coat of exterior spray paint. Choose whatever color will complement your home or go with a matte clear finish to help protect your furniture from the elements.

Add Flowers

Flowers on the front porch improve the curb appeal of the whole house. They can go in large planters on either side of the door, hanging pots, or flower boxes along the porch railings. If your porch doesn’t get enough sun or you’re not confident in your ability to keep flowers alive, high-quality artificial plants are another option. They will achieve the same pop of color and you won’t need to worry about them dying and turning brown.

Paint the Front Door and Porch Railings

This may come as a surprise, but painting the front door is a project with one of the highest ROIs of 75%. It takes only minimal investment and effort to positively impact your home’s value while upgrading your front porch. While you have the paintbrushes out, paint the porch railings if they could also use a fresh coat.

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