Here at Kelleher Home Inspections, we understand the potential dangers that exist in our homes. Creating a fire safety plan at home is a smart way to prepare for a worst-case scenario and to protect your loved ones. An important component of any fire safety plan is the use of well-placed smoke detectors. Read on for a closer look at ideal smoke detector placement tips for your home.

The Importance of Smoke Detector Placement in Your Home

In order for them to be effective, your smoke detectors must be operational with fresh batteries and properly placed throughout your home. Select the locations based on how smoke moves through a home.

Smoke rises and will fill the upper section of a room before it filters downward. Smoke won’t usually penetrate beneath a closed door until the room is completely filled. Learn guidelines for smoke detector placement to better plan your fire safety strategy.

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1. In and Near All Bedrooms

When you and your family members are sleeping, you are less alert to the presence of fire or smoke in the home. You are also less likely to hear an alarm go off in another area of the home, especially if you sleep with the door closed.

Smoke detector placement should include a detector in each bedroom and directly outside the bedroom.

2. On All Floors

At least one functional smoke detector should be placed on each floor of the home. If you have a large home, it is best to invest in two or more smoke detectors to place throughout your home’s living areas and in the basement. These are in addition to those in the bedrooms and hallways.

3. Near the Kitchen

No one wants the smoke detector to go off each time the kitchen gets a little smoky while cooking. False alarms are annoying. However, many fires break out in the kitchen. Install your smoke detector 10 feet away from the stove or oven to keep your home safe and minimize false alarms.

4. On or Near the Ceiling

Regardless of the room, smoke detectors should be on or near the ceiling. Smoke will rise to the ceiling first, so placing detectors up high will alert you to the presence of smoke earlier. Detectors should be placed away from any air vents to ensure that the HVAC system does not blow smoke away from the detector and delay an alarm.

While you are updating smoke detector placement at home and replacing detector batteries, consider installing a carbon monoxide detector or two in your home. As a clear, odorless gas, carbon monoxide will only be detected by in your home by a device. This gas is produced from heating equipment and cooking, so every home is potentially at risk.

Keep your family safe and sound by paying attention to smoke detector placements in your home.

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